Most clocks need a thorough cleaning and oiling but quite often they need repair as well so this is a breakdown of what will happen after you have dropped off your clock or I've picked it up.

The movement will be removed, thoroughly inspected, completely

dissembled and cleaned 

  • Pivots will be polished.

  • Pivot holes will be polished.

  • Pallets will be trued (if need

       be)​ and polished.

  • Mainsprings will be cleaned

       and lubed.

Movement will be reassembled and oiled with clock oil.

Movement will be mounted on a clock movement stand and run for no less than one week.

Rating will be adjusted.

Case will be cleaned of dust. 

Movement will be reinstalled in case, hammers, hands and linkages adjusted for correct operation.

Finally you will be called to come pick up your clock, take it home and enjoy it.


        Collection Service

   On smaller clocks it's probably more cost effective for you to bring your clock in

   for service but if you wish I can pick the clock up, deliver it and set it up after

   service and/or repairs have been completed. For this service pricing is flexible

   (based on mileage).

   On tall case clocks because of their size I would pick up the works (movement, 

   dial,pendulum and  weights) perform the service and/or repairs, run them on a

   test stand, bring them back and  reinstall them and make any adjustments. The

   charge for this service is the applicable service fee plus  $40 per hour. Normally 

   this service requires at least an hour, but not always the case so I'll not flat rate the price.


Worn pivot holes are a frequent cause of a clock stopping, they become oval and this is corrected by installing a bushing. First the original pivot hole center needs to be located and a correctly sized hole is drilled to take the new bushing. The bushing is pushed in and the hole burnished to minimise friction 




Please call 1-(352)-949-0968 or send a message via the website contact page

for prices and enquiries

Repair Service


My work comes with a two year warranty, but there are just a few exceptions 
I can not give a warranty if you want me to take shortcuts.
I can not give a warranty if the clock has been tampered with after I've repaired it.
I can not give a warranty on Torsions,these are touchy, tempermental and delicate.
I can not give a warranty on parts, I WILL strive to find the best replacement parts I can but even then parts fail.
If a part comes with a warranty then that warranty will be transferred in full but not extended.

Servicing & Repairs

The following sequence of photos shows the process I go through to replace broken teeth, a not

uncommon repair

My work has a

2 year guarantee! 

See below for full details


         Worn Pivot Holes