Hints & Tips

to keep your clock

in top condition

  • * Always level the clock. Modern tall case clocks and torsions have adjustable feet,on older mantle, torsions and tall case clocks shims may have to be used.

  • * Never move or transport a clock with the pendulum and weights attached. Serious damage to the movement and case WILL result.

  • * Never rotate a torsion clock (as in turning it around to wind it) unless holding the pendulum and rotating it with the clock. The fine wire that the pendulum is suspended from can be twisted very easily throwing the clock out of beat possibly to the extent of stopping it from running altogether.

  • * When setting the time or rate on a torsion it's best to let the pendulum rotate to full right or left then stop it and hold it while setting,this eliminates fluttering which can affect time keeping. After making your adjustment just let it go.

  • * Keep the exterior of your clock clean,dirt always finds its way in and you want to minimize this as much as possible.

  • * A clock is a machine and machines need maintenance (just like changing the oil in your car). Myself and many other clockmakers recommend oiling at least every two years (once a year is highly recommended) and a full service every six.

  • * If you have a battery operated clock that you value, replace or remove the battery as soon as it starts to show signs of not operating correctly.