All parts of the case were dissembled, cleaned and polished

Restoration Services 

Next, silvering solution was applied to the brass dial, followed by finishing powder to brighten it and a final coat of lacquer to protect the new finish

The result is shown opposite

This once beautiful clock arrived in a distressed state with tired and dirty case, faded and missing numerals on the dial and a movement that needed tlc. 

And here's how it looked afterwards:

         And some before and after photos of a Chelsea for Tiffany Ships Bell after polishing, lacquering and re-silvering

         the dial

If the original numbers are OK and they can be retained, however in       this example of a Chelsea Ships Bell dial both the numbers and silvering needed restoring


First the dial was thoroughly cleaned and, in this case, the old degraded wax in the numerals removed. 

Then fresh black dial wax was applied and the dial was mounted on a lathe to complete the removal of the old silvering, clean off the excess wax, and to create the 'spun finish' that this dial originally had



This clock is presently for sale, please contact me for further information



Silvered dials with engraved numerals can be transformed by being re-silvered. 


​​​​​​​​​​​Clock Dial Re-silvering 


Here's the starting point

Removing old lacquer, polishing the case and re-lacquering can transform clocks such as Carriage Clocks, but this example is of an Atmos clock that arrived in need of repair and with much of the original finish on the case degraded and patchy

​Here's how it looked. The case was partially dissembled in the before pictures, but I think you'll still get the idea!

The movement was dissembled, thoroughly serviced and cleaned, screws re-blued and all parts lacquered

Next all the case parts were polished, re-lacquered and reassembled

Then the dial numerals were re-instated

​And Finally! The end result.....

This page illustrates some of the additional services that I offer

The following pictures show the process and result



Example End to End Restoration of a French Champleve Crystal Regulator 

Clock Movement & Case